A Spotlight on the Multi-Gen Series: Guadalupe Lopez


On July 6th, Skillpoint launched its multi-generational series that combines adult and children learning to serve entire families through a single program, a first for Skillpoint.  Guadalupe Lopez, a mother of two, was among the first families to enroll in and successfully complete the program.

Lopez learned about the multi-gen program through a presentation by Skillpoint’s Empower Program. Aware of the technology’s presence in the workplace but not confident in her skills to succeed in the modern job market, Lopez wanted to enroll.

Typically, lack of childcare is one of the leading obstacles that prevent adults from successfully completing Skillpoint’s original 10-week Empower course, especially during the summer while school is out. To address this obstacle, Skillpoint condensed it’s 10-week Empower program down to 3-weeks, and paired it with its summer STEM Innovation Camps – giving children the opportunity to attend for free when their family members enrolled in the computer proficiency program. So, while Lopez learned necessary digital skills, her two children Emiliano, 4 and Frida, 2 and nephews, Armando, 9, and Fernando, 7, were learning about science, technology, engineering and math through project-based activities.

The hands-on camps were focused on video game design, engineering design process, STEAM, wearable tech and the DIY/maker movement.

“This is the first time my daughter and son have attended the camps and they love coming. They’ve made friends, and they’re enjoying their summer.” Lopez remarks about the program’s impact on the children. For Lopez, the program has, “opened the doors for me to understand and not be scared of technology.”

In the Empower Computer Proficiency course, participants learned how to use the internet, create an email, and increase their overall computer literacy. They also learn to master the basic and advanced features of Microsoft Office Suite. While Lopez participated in the program she enjoyed discovering new functions and tools on the computer and how to utilize them for her own needs.

“It makes a difference to not be afraid to use a computer. You feel confident using technology,” said Lopez.

Now that she has completed the course, she plans to apply for a job and use her newly learned skills to continue her professional development.

“I would recommend this program 100%,” Lopez said. “They give you the tools to be secure, confident, and focused in class because the kids are in a safe, healthy environment. They provide free breakfast and lunch for the kids. They provide the computers, USBs–all the tools I need. All I have to worry about is being present and ready to learn.”