Article Highlights Need for Construction Industry

We know we are a little late to the game on this one, but we need to share it. A recent USA Today article “Construction Industry Faces Worker Shortage” makes the perfect platform for explaining why workforce development matters: 2.2 million= the number of jobs the construction industry shed from January 2007 until last year Those construction workers aren’t coming back to work. Many leveraged their construction skills for a career in oil and gas drilling, trucking or factories. Now, as Continue Reading >

Be prepared for what’s NEXT

At Skillpoint, we are always looking for ways to make Austin’s workforce the best around. Right now, that means filling jobs. This may come as a surprise considering the constant talk of unemployment, but Austin has jobs—well-paying, meaningful jobs—that it needs to fill. However, many of the 5 percent of Austinites that need work lack the skills or education to fill those jobs. Over the last year, we have heard from employers through the Adult Workforce Executive Council that their current Continue Reading >