Community Partner Spotlight: Austin Technology Council


At Skillpoint Alliance, we love to partner with other community organizations that are passionate about spreading the word about Austin’s incredible tech industry. We spoke with Austin Technology Council President Julie Huls about their role in promoting STEM education within the Austin Tech Council.

Why is the Austin Tech Council focused on STEM?

80% of our tech executives say recruiting and hiring technical talent is their #1 business issue. They are not able to hire properly-trained professionals today, and to compound the issue, tech jobs in Central Texas are slated to grow by 9,000 between now and 2017. Tech talent is both an immediate and long-term economic issue for our region.

What is unique about the ATC Foundation?

ATC is the largest association of technology professionals in Central Texas. We are capable of bringing the industry to the table to begin to address this important issue.

In what ways will STEM on Track support the STEM Council at Skillpoint Alliance?

We are looking to leverage our organization’s and our community’s largest asset– our tech workforce– to support the STEM Council and it’s related initiatives via volunteers and other resources.

What do you hope that STEM on Track will achieve in its first year?

With this inaugural event, we are hoping to begin a more concentrated dialogue about how industry will work with educational institutions to begin to address the region’s critical need for more STEM workers.