Employee Profile: Dulce Tonche, Empower Program Lead


The Empower Computer Proficiency Program at Skillpoint Alliance focuses on providing basic and advanced computer training to Central Texans wishing to improve their skills. Participants often enroll in the Empower program to compete in today’s technological job market, to move up within their current career field, or simply to improve their everyday lives.

“Empower is important because digital proficiency increases others’ opportunities for employment, education, and civic engagement,” said Dulce Tonche, Empower Program Lead, who shares her passion for helping others achieve their full potential. “In order for people to be fully involved and successful in our digital society, an understanding of technology is crucial.”

Leading the Empower program has allowed Dulce to witness the difference that computer literacy can make in people’s lives. “After training, several of our participants are able to find and obtain employment, get promoted, start their own business, feel confident to return to school, or simply help their children with homework.”

Regardless of the participants’ individual goals, Dulce has seen everyone complete the program with a motivation to continue learning. The most rewarding part of her work is seeing how much the participants improve during the ten-week course. “I’ve had the privilege of seeing and working with participants who didn’t know how to use the keyboard, and now they are experts.”

As the start of a new program session approaches, Dulce is working to ensure that Empower is increasing the number of participants they serve and offering a wider variety of workshops to more Central Texans. Enrollment is now open for the next session of Empower Computer Proficiency Training. Classes will begin in January 2015.