Esquina de Tecnología Closing Digital Divide


Last month, Skillpoint Alliance visited Mendez Middle School to talk to community members and parents about the different ways they use digital technology and the internet. As part of our Empower Computer Proficiency program, the Esquina de Tecnología events were developed to enhance the lives of Dove Springs residents and inspire desire for becoming proficient in computer technology.

Each Esquina promotes online tools that can simplify a family’s daily schedule and allow for more time within a family unit. Some examples of free online tools show-cased at the Technology Corners are: Online Bill-Pay, Virtual Loan Calculators, Austin Independent School District’s Parent Cloud, Video conferencing, Distance Learning, Maps to schedule time-efficient routes, and Texas Health and Human Services virtual qualifying calculator for social services benefits.

Through the support of Google and the City of Austin Grant for Technology Opportunities (GTOPS), we are able to provide visual demonstrations through tablets showing how to access information online from paying bills, checking bus routes, setting up video conferences, and distance learning.

These online tools allow people to simplify their daily tasks and errands in order to free up more time to spend with their families. “The events have been a huge success so far,” said Brenda Colin, Empower Program Manager. “Parents are really excited to participate and were surprised to find out how many resources were available to them with just the click of a button.”

Because of the great turnout at the Esquina, Skillpoint will be teaming up with the St. John’s community to bring the STEM Fair which will take place following the St. John’s Unity Walk on Saturday April 26. The STEM Fair will include all of the tools and learning from the Esquina, as well as free food, carnival construction games, youth scholarships and another chance to win a free Google Chromebook.

Learn more about Esquina de Tecnología and find out about upcoming events.