Game Jam: From Idea to Reality

If you’re unfamiliar with a Game Jam, think of it as a weekend filled with teams of industry amateurs and students who develop game ideas and bring them to life through rapid prototyping. Skillpoint’s hope for Game Jam is that aspiring game developers will share experiences and explore artistic expression through designing video games, resulting in educational game designs going to market. Casey Donnellan did just that, by designing Blue Marble, which was released on October 14th and is now available on Apple and Android smartphones.


Casey had always played with the idea of “wrapping a game around the equation of weather metrics.” After hearing about SXSW Game Jam from a friend, he jumped on an opportunity to pursue his game development. He constructed Blue Marble to begin with Earth at its relatively comfortable temperature each time you open the app, featuring an intriguing graphic of the planet in its most iconic form, the Blue Marble. Players are then allowed to manipulate the variables of Earth in order to change the overall temperature of the planet. The challenge of the game is to find combinations in which the Earth can create a habitable environment. With each new combination found, users unlock new facts about stars. Blue Marble grants players the opportunity to experiment and learn about sustaining life factors of our planet, making meteorology much more applicable to many.



Casey believes in his invention, and is eager about getting it into users hands. He hopes to see popularity rise with Blue Marble, and his ultimate goal for his design is that it will become a weather exhibit in planetariums and museums.  When Casey isn’t creating educational games, he is busy as an engineer at Rooster Teeth Productions. Blue Marble officially released on October 14th, so go check it out today!