Why everyone should learn the basics of WordPress

Since we’ve geared up to launch the NEXT Intermediate Job Training program, we’ve often been asked how we decided on the classes. The truth is that it was easy; we listened to our industry and business partners, then listened some more, then asked for more feedback, then decided. We wanted each of these trainings to provide the maximum benefit to our mid-career workforce and the training topics we chose came out on top.

One that we are particularly excited about is the WordPress training. We really came across a blog from a web development firm Here Next Year that sums up why this training is a big deal for Austin. Here’s a few snippets:

  1. The company wallet will appreciate it. Web design updates cost between $60-100 per hour. Imagine if someone on staff could handle that task with ease. WordPress is fairly easy to update, once one knows the ins and outs. Our 15-hour training will teach you that and so much more.
  2. Websites are the new resume. Yep, that’s right. In today’s online world, every job seeker can put their best foot forward by not only showing off their accomplishments and portfolio, but also proving they’re tech-capable with a professional website.
  3. WordPress= infinite possibilities for marketing and branding. WordPress is the most common web-publishing platform in the world. It offers thousands of options to make your website the functional, awesome representation of your company or your professional work that you need it to be.

Your website is only a short 15-hour training away. Questions? Contact Casey Smith at Sign up today on the NEXT Registration page.