Survey highlights need for STEM, Skilled Trades

This past May, the Manpower Group released its eighth Annual Talent Shortage Survey. The group polled 1,000 employers from across the country to discover what skills they are seeing and not seeing from job applicants and what positions employers are having the most trouble filling.

Nearly half of the employers reported that talent shortages affect their ability to serve clients and customers. Without the right personnel in place, company operations don’t run as smoothly and profits are lost. About 39 percent of employers said that they had trouble finding qualified candidates.

Shortages in skilled trades have topped the list for the last four years, proving once again that workforce development and training programs are needed to fill these careers. The top 10 hardest jobs to fill are:

1. Skilled Trades
2. Sales Representatives
3. Drivers
4. IT Staff
5. Accounting & Finance Staff
6. Engineers
7. Technicians
8. Management/Executives
9. Mechanics
10. Teachers

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