Skillpoint hosts the Austin Education Jam


The Austin Education Game Jam was held March 7th-14th 2015. It was a follow up event to the White House Game Jam in support the President’s vision that education should be fun, interactive and serve student’s needs. Skillpoint Alliance and Globaloria brought together professional game developers, teachers and students to create learning games that appeal to the mass market.

The results were amazing! There were 7 games completed and showcased at the SXSWedu Playground and at the SXSW Gaming Expo. We loved to see the fantastic creations that teams were able to construct within days. The Best in Show Winner went to the Bluepoint Games Team which created the The Mystery of the Ancient DoohickeyThe Best Education Game Winner was Frank Force, which put together a game called Monster Mart.

We hope to continue seeing new teams and what they can bring to the table. To see all the submissions make sure you check them out here.

To learn how you can get involved in future Game Jams get in touch with Chelsea Biggerstaff.