Student Spotlight: Developing Computer Skills and Succeeding with Empower

Vazina (1)

Our Empower Computer Proficiency Training has served as a solution for many Central Texans who either lack essential computer and technology skills, or wish to improve their skills in preparation for today’s modern and rigorous job market. Our staff strives day by day to connect classroom learning to career application for our clients, while guaranteeing a computer-proficient workforce for Austin-area employers.

Vazina, one of our recent Empower graduates, shared the reason as to why she enrolled in this course as she stated, “I enrolled for this course, because I felt I lacked the knowledge in hard and soft skills to be able to obtain decent employment.” The 10-week class at Skillpoint provided her with the much needed opportunity to learn and shape those skills.

She believes she now has all of the necessary talents and skills to be successful in her studies, and emphasized that “During my studies, I was able to gain more confidence in building computer and professional development skills. It’s all possible with Skillpoint Alliance.”

Under the encouragement and guidance of class instructors, the class spent extra time to practice and master those skills. “By the end of this course, our class was confident in important soft skills including: networking, resume building, interview preparation, business applications, spreadsheets, and much more.”

Just like Vazina, Skillpoint has helped over 6,000 Empower participants to enhance their knowledge of technology and professional development. We are already recruiting for our next class starting September 10. By providing Central Texans with the tools they need to succeed, we will continue to help our community advance and be competitive in today’s job market and help them achieve their dreams and aspirations in life.