Tackle Your Next DIY Project with Our Help

Skillpoint Alliance is using our construction expertise for the common good this summer with Be Handy workshops for the general public. Skillpoint Alliance has been facilitating construction trainings since 1994, when the first group of graduates was trained to turn Bergstrom Air Force Base into the airport it is today.

The Gateway team and Adult Workforce Division are experts in everything home repair-related; you name it, they can show you how it’s done and the tricks to getting it done both quickly and correctly. Classes will be on Wednesdays from 6 to 8 p.m. at 3709 Promontory Point, Suite 212, Austin, 78744. The first class, scheduled for May 15, is 5 DIY Essential Tools, covering everything you need to know about the five tools your home repair project can’t live without, including how and what to purchase and lots of practice with the tools.

You can register and look up more information at the Adult Edu Courses page.