Austin Education Game Jam

Education Mentors at the Austin Education Game Jam
Education Mentors at the Austin Education Game Jam


The Austin Education Game Jam was held March 7th-14th 2015. It was a follow up event to the White House Game Jam in support the President’s vision that education should be fun, interactive and serve student’s needs. Skillpoint Alliance and Globaloria brought together professional game developers, teachers and students to create learning games that appeal to the mass market. There were 7 games completed and showcased at the SXSWedu Playground and at the SXSW Gaming Expo.

The Mystery of the Ancient Doohickey – Bluepoint Games Team
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Transfer Details
  • Standalone version: LINK
  • Web browser version: LINK
  • Game trailer: LINK
Build notes:
  • Mathematics based puzzle platformer
  • 7 total levels each demonstrating the various core mechanics
  • Interchangeable character models so kids can choose gender
  • Built in Unity3d (ver. 5.0.0f4, 64-bit) – released the Wednesday prior to Game Jam event
  • Art assets created using Maya and zBrush
  • Original audio assets made specifically for our title

Xbox 360 controller:

  • Left stick – character movement
  • Right stick – cursor movement
  • A button – jump
  • X button – select object

Mouse & keyboard:

  • a,d – character movement
  • space bar – jump
  • left mouse click – select object
  • mouse movement – cursor movement

Common controls:

  • f – swap character models between male/female
  • hold r – reset level
  • m – toggle bgm on/off


Monster Mart – Frank Force
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You are working as a cashier in grocery store for monsters. You will need to scan items, bag them efficiently, enter the amount of money paid by the customer, and give them their change. Players are rated in many different area for accuracy and time. Making mistakes increases failure rate which will result in game over if failure reaches 100%. Difficulty increases as you progress.
This game teaches money counting skills and spatial relations. Also it is a good warm-up for someone who is starting their first job working at a cashier and wants a little practice first.

Video –

Honorable Mentions:
G.E.O. Stefan Sinclair (Certain Affinity)
  • The trailer video can be seen here:
  • The game can be played online here:
    • Any browser that supports HTML5 + WebGL should be able to play the game. It’s been successfully tested on Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS devices using the latest releases of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

G.E.O. is a game of geographic exploration of the Earth. You play the part of an alien explorer sent to Earth in order to gather information and resources from various locations. You have a limited amount of time and fuel with which to complete your mission. With each country that you identify, your probe is able to link you to a wealth of additional information gathered from a tap it has made into the Earth’s Internet. Correct location selections resupply a small amount of fuel, so that the more correct selections the player makes, the better your chance for success. Once the “mission” segment of the game completes, the player is free to continue exploring the planet, or start another game. There are 243 countries and 134 bodies of water that can be discovered and researched by the player. How many will you find?

3lingo – Doug Donovan (Interplay)

  •  (working name)
  •  It’s a language learning game in 3D with mini-quests.
  • We’ve done it to learn Spanish but it can be reversed for English as a second language learners as well.

Alien Pharmacy Aleksey Spivak

  • Alien Pharmacy is a kid friendly title that focuses on training short term memory and pattern recognition.
  • The main concept is that you are an alien pharmacist, and you have a line of patients. Each patient is looking for certain ingredients in their prescription, but also has something they are allergic to. So, as the pharmacist, you must put together alien medicine that will help your patients!
  • It was made in Unity . It would make a pretty decent mobile game. Here is a link to the web version, for which you may need to install the unity browser plugin:
  • Here are some videos of the game running:

Blue Marble Casey Donnellan (Certain Affinity)

Blue Marble is an interactive experience that emphasizes Earth’s fragility by allowing players to alter factors like the distance from our planet to the sun, greenhouse gas levels, and the star we orbit, then observe the effects on the average global temperature using a simple climate model.  It was created using Unity 5 and features an original viola recording, Camille Saint-Saen’s “Le Cygne”, intended to evoke the solemn majesty of space.

From the game’s prologue:

“The Blue Marble is a famous photograph of Earth taken by the crew of Apollo 17 on their way to the moon. To the astronauts, who were 28,000 miles away from Earth, the planet had the appearance of a fragile glass marble.

Life on Earth exists because of a precise balance of many factors, most of which change slowly or not at all – things like the composition of our atmosphere, light from the sun, and the distance from the sun to our planet. These conditions combine to produce an average global temperature of about 59°F.

What if these conditions were to suddenly change? What if our sun were replaced by another, brighter star? What if Earth were moved further away from the sun? What if the composition of the atmosphere changed? Would the oceans freeze? Could Earth turn into a desert?

Can you change these factors and maintain the delicate equilibrium that allows life to flourish on our Blue Marble?”

Links: Video | WebGL Version (recommended) | Unity Web Player Version | Standalone Download

The game has a built-in demo mode, so if you want to leave the game running on show floor before that it shouldn’t be a lot of trouble – it will revert back to the title screen after 2 minutes of inactivity.  If you plan to do this, I would recommend using the Standalone version and running in full-screen.

Klikkspille David French, Jeff Arthur, Jacob Getz, and Rachel Elliot

Here’s the dropbox folder with the video presentation and webplayer game files.