Empower: Computer Skills Training


Empower offers a variety of computer training courses for adults looking to update their skills to meet the demands of today’s job market. Courses begin by covering the basics, such as using the internet and creating an email or word document. Participants will learn to master both fundamental and advanced features of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. After completing an Empower course, participants will have increased their computer skills and gained the confidence to compete in the modern job market.

“The Empower classes were very helpful. I came in knowing nothing about the computer and learned the basics. Learned about word, excel and power point. It will help me in my next job.” – Carrie Klapper, Student

“The classes at Skillpoint are favorable and priceless. I would recommend the Empower classes to everyone who would like to improve their skills. The teachers are excellent, their price is great, and everyone was very nice and helpful.”  David Gomez, Student

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