NEXT: Intermediate Job Training


The NEXT Program provides customized intermediate job training and professional development to adults and youth. Led by experienced industry leaders, participants learn the most effective strategies and methods to succeed in the workplace and move into the intermediate level. Each training session allows participants to evaluate themselves before they learn new techniques and receive feedback. Like other Skillpoint Alliance workforce programs, participants receive a mix of hands-on, classroom and project-based instruction to appeal to all learning styles.

Training Offerings:

Professional Development

Professional Development offers customizable training that teaches strategies and methods to help participants succeed in the workplace at any level. Interactive workshops introduce new tools, techniques and best practices that are relevant to the current job market. The objective is to increase productivity and continue to build a meaningful career. Currently we offer the following:

  • Customer Service (4-8 hours)
  • Leadership I (8 hours)
  • Leadership II (16 hours)
  • Stress Management & Burnout Prevention (4-8 hours)
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (4 hours)
  • Communication (4-8 hours)
  • Task & Time Management (4 hours)
  • Presentation Skills (4-8 hours)
  • Career Planning & Job Satisfaction (2-4 hours)
  • Interviewing Preparation (2-4 hours)
  •  Resume and Cover Letter Writing (2-4 hours)

If you are interested in having Skillpoint host a NEXT program for your company/organization, please contact:

Amanda Longtain