NEXT Courses

Organization I 

Every aspect of our personal and professional lives is impacted by the way we structure and utilize our environment, our activities and the resources available to us. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn to develop effective strategies, diagnose sources of organizational dysfunction and avoid barriers like clutter, email-jail and paperwork middens.

WordPress I
Built specifically for the WordPress newbie, this class will provide the basic skills required to manage websites using WordPress as your content management system. Over the course of three half-days, we will review important terminology and concepts, tour the administration interface of WordPress itself, and build a practice website from the ground up. Focusing heavily in hands-on, experiential training, you will come away with practical knowledge that can be applied immediately.

WordPress I I
For more experienced WordPress users, this class is designed to give a detailed understanding of how to get the most out of WordPress. First we will discuss the inner workings of the WordPress application, including the hardware and database architecture, how design and content are interrelated, and how to use HTML to troubleshoot problems on pages and posts. We will then delve into topics such as search engine optimization, managing forms and landing pages, and using plugins to improve crawlability of your site. Once you have the basics of WordPress mastered, this class will help you expand your capabilities beyond content to lead generation. NOTE: Prerequisite for this course is a minimum of 2 years of hands on experience with WordPress, or prior completion of Skillpoint’s WordPress 1 class.

Social Media Manager
Participants will learn the most effective and efficient ways to brand themselves online with social media. Specific skills include: managing and coordinating multiple accounts with hootsuite software, creating a social media strategy, using social media to generate sales and donations, best practices for using social media (i.e. time of day, how many, who to follow, how to gain more followers/viewers), using social media for public relations, terms and techniques of social media (i.e. rt, mt,, SEO). Participants must have computer experience and familiarity using Facebook.

The OSHA 30 hour safety training is designed for the workers in the construction industry in a supervisory role. The four-day course contains complete information about OSHA standards and the regulations covered under OSHA 29 CFR 1926. When they complete this course and they will receive the OSHA completion card from the Department of Labor within 4 weeks.

Leadership I: Ready, Set, LEAD
This course is designed for entry-level supervisors, especially those making the recent transition into management. Using an interactive format, course participants will learn about best practices and gain applicable leadership skills in: Team Building through understanding group dynamics, problem solving and team building barriers; the Who-What-When-How of Delegation; and how supervisory style, goal setting and identifying motivators results in strong Professional Development of Staff. This course is also good for aspiring supervisors or Managers-In-Training.

Introductory instruction on the Unity interface.  By the end of the class you will be able to open, create, and compile a full scene.  Must be an intermediate user of computer technology prior to taking the class.

Leadership II: Building Productive Teams 
Leadership II builds on the skills learned in Leadership I and during an supervisor’s initial management of staff. Participants in this course learn how to increase the effectiveness and productivity of their staff, including coaching others to be strong leaders. Course objectives include: Recognizing Stress – self-care and stress management techniques for staff and burn out prevention best practices; Teaching Them to Fish – developing staff with strong critical thinking & decision making skills; Creating High Performers – time, task and project management of staff management of time, tasks & projects; and Coaching for Improvement – 360° reviews, personal-professional interest connections and how to coach underperformance.

Presentation Skills
Develop and deliver dynamic presentations using engaging storytelling techniques and incorporating tried and true, as well as cutting-edge tips and tools.

Quickbooks I
Learn the basics of Quickbooks, including setup, everyday and special transactions, basic accounting, payroll, reporting, and more!

Organization II
In this workshop, participants will learn to use intensive critical reflection on his or her current task and time management practices and utilize new techniques to help balance and optimize their time. Through a combination of lecture and hands-on activity, participants that develop the use of technology and software to maintain an effective  schedule, use judgment and flexibility in the daily routine, develop systems for prioritizing and set realistic goals in order to fulfill commitments and increase productively in the workplace.

Java Script
This class is an introductory course to the JavaScript language.  You will learn the differences between HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. By the end of the class you will have an understanding of programming terminology and be able to create simple event handlers and embed them into a browser.  Must have intermediate computer technology experience.  Some programming experience is a plus.

Building Analyst
This five day course prepares and provides examination for the BPI Building Analyst certification.  You will learn how to identify low performance in residential buildings and ways to increase residential efficiency to meet high performance standards. Attendees will have intense hands-on practice to provide your clients with a more comfortable, safe, durable and energy-efficient home.

Quickbooks II
Intermediate to Advanced level Quickbook users will learn tricks and workarounds for basic sales, purchase, and payroll transactions, as well as advanced-level reporting, importing and exporting, and fixes for common client mistakes.

Stress Reduction & Management Techniques
Whether it’s caused by difficult clients, deadlines or seemingly unmanageable workloads, stress in the workplace is a common and often debilitating problem. In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn techniques to increase self-confidence, redirect thoughts toward the positive, adapt to ever-changing environments and adjust the way we perceive stressors through the use of Objectivity Exercises.