NEXT Training Segments

Professional Development

Professional Development offers customizable training that teaches strategies and methods to help participants succeed in the workplace at any level. Interactive workshops introduce new tools, techniques and best practices that are relevant to the current job market. The objective is to increase productivity and continue to build a meaningful career.

During the Job Search

Career Building customizable courses are for people new to the job market or making a career change. Courses help navigate the entire process of finding a job that is the best fit for the individual. The objective is for participants to gain skills to obtain a job, as well as a larger perspective of the job market and ownership over their own career path.

Digital Education

Digital Education customizable courses offer opportunities to add or enhance the technology skillset of employees in any industry. With the insight and guidance of local leaders, training prepares the participants to use digital proficiencies and best practices that are needed immediately in central Texas.

Construction Tech

Construction Tech customizable courses are for employees and leaders in the industry at any level. Hands-on training offers tools, techniques and, best practices to update the participants’ skillset. With the insight and guidance of local leaders in the construction industry, our customizable trainings provide learning that is relevant to increase productivity and promote and attitude of ownership in the workplace.

Allied Health

Healthcare is a growing industry in Central Texas, thus increasing the opportunities for local employees to advance their careers. With the insight and guidance of local leaders in the healthcare industry, our customizable trainings provide hands-on, interactive learning that is relevant and needed on the job.

Youth & Young Adult Programming (ages 14-22)

Youth & Young Adult Programming is an introduction to the workforce for young people with little or no work experience. These customizable, interactive trainings teach important tools for the workforce and practice common workplace scenarios in a low risk setting. Students will explore personal strengths and potential careers, while increasing self-confidence.