Tips for a successful College & Career Expo

The College & Career Expo is only a short five months away, so we’re taking a second on our blog to bequeath a few of our veteran knowledge to area businesses who are considering about a booth or sponsorship this year:

  • Sign up early. We’re letting the early bird get the worm this year with a 15 percent off the price of a booth for those that sign up before June 15. You’ll also be giving yourself plenty of time to make your booth the best it can be.
  • Plan something fun. Your booth is trying to convince 3,500 high school students why a career in your field is exciting, fun and worthwhile. Your booth can do all of the talking for you! Last year, Samsung kicked it up a notch by doing bunny suit races to simulate working in the FAB.
  • Send a college intern or new employee. It’s easy for teenagers to relate to someone that ‘s a little closer to their age AND your younger staff members may also make better spokespeople for what life at your company is really like.
  • Bring a few copies. This is the largest event of its kind in the region. We’re expecting around 3,500 students and 100 exhibitors. It won’t hurt to print a few extra copies of those promotional materials!

Questions? Contact us at Interested in taking advantage of that 15 percent discount? Sign up for your booth here.