Velocity Projects

2016 Eco-Way – Del Valle HS

A team of students from Del Valle High School, Eco-Way, was approached by Austin ReHub to create an eco-friendly road made out of recycled materials that supports weight of traffic and is cost efficient to help mitigate flooding in Del Valle. Del Valle is currently facing an increasing flooding problem that has severely impacted its neighborhoods. The rainfall during storms ranges from 9 to 16 in. To solve this problem, the team proposed placing detention ponds strategically along the road based Continue Reading >

2016 Teens for Taylor Housing Authority – Taylor HS

A team of students from Taylor High School, Teens for Taylor Housing Authority (T4THA), was tasked by Taylor Housing Authority to identify ways to improve access to outdoors and technology for their residents. Currently, residents, specifically senior citizens, are not engaging with their neighbors or the outdoors and are disconnected from technology. In order to gather information and generate ideas, T4THA handed out surveys within the Mary Olsen Community regarding mobility, interaction and Continue Reading >

2016 WP Engine – Hays CISD

A team of students, Let’s Improve Technology (LIT), was tasked by WP Engine to design and build a tool that allows their engineering team to quickly and easily view details about their servers - such as where the server is, which sites are affected, how much space is available and if the server is unhealthy - on an easy-to-navigate web interface. LIT developed a web database that allows WP Engine employees to easily search server data, and get to the root of issues in a more efficient manner. Continue Reading >

2016 TinyHackerHouse – Hays CISD

A team of students from Hays CISD, Heart of Texas Homes, were tasked by TinyHackerHouse to design and create a campaign for a high-tech, net-zero energy micro-home that consumes minimal resources in terms of water and energy for off-the-grid living. Due to the rising prices of real estate in Austin, the target market for tiny homes is college students. The students designed a tiny home that can be fully financed in seven years, and is completely mobile. Heart of Texas Homes proposed efficient Continue Reading >

2015 PLANet Love-It – Reagan HS

A team of 13 students from Reagan High School, developed a company called PLANet Love-It. Their client, Austin Resource Recovery (ARR) tasked the student company to increase recycling rates. The structure of the student's company was made of two co-presidents, an executive administrator, department heads, and associates. To begin their project, the students conducted research by surveying their high school, and the St. John and Mueller neighborhoods to find out why people don't recycle. The Continue Reading >

2015 Pyrocom – Ann Richards HS

19 students from Ann Richards High School were hired by Austin Fire Department to find an easier and more audible method of communication between firefighters. The students developed their company, Pyrocom. The company had a design team, research and financial team, and the report team. Prior to developing their product, the students visited Capitol Factory to learn about company structure and visited Austin Dispatch Center to learn about communication between firefighters and Continue Reading >

2015 Woodwork Co. – Eastside Memorial HS

A team of 14 students from Eastside Memorial High School organized themselves into a company called WoodWork Co. Their clients, Austin Materials Marketplace (AMM) and Austin Resource Recovery (ARR) tasked them to design two distinct products and processes that will reuse the wood scrap by-products from Austin wood shops and wood milling operations. The student company divided up into four departments: research and development, design, business and management, and marketing. The products had to Continue Reading >

2015 APPortunity! – Taylor HS

WP Engine tasked a team of students from Taylor High School to create a time management app to help manage WP’s response to support tickets in a more efficient way. The app needed to showcase the timeline for platform tickets so WP Engine staff could efficiently identify and solve the problem. The students organized themselves into a company, Apportunity, and split up into four departments: research and development, design, coding, and marketing. WP Engine is currently spending 18 hours every Continue Reading >

2015 Warp Tech – Del Valle HS

A team of students from Del Valle High School created their company, Warp Tech, to develop an engaging and interactive app that inspires our everyday routines to be more self-sustaining and energy efficient for the Dumpster Project. The app needed to promote sustainable practices and educate the user on the impact of green solutions. The students created three departments in their company: coding, marketing, and accounting. These departments worked together to develop an app they named GreenUp. Continue Reading >

2015 Artemis Exploration – Hays High School

  A team of students, Artemis Exploration, were tasked by the WEX Foundation with producing a scale model of the Marius Hills Trench Skylight and developing a robot prototype that could safely excavate the trench and collect mineral samples from its base. The students split into two groups: modeling and mechanical. They included three robots named HELEN, RIC, and ADAM, and planned to use a launcher to set up a crane at the edge of the skylight to lower the robot into the crater. The Continue Reading >