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2015 Warp Tech – Del Valle HS

Del Valle - VP - Dumpster Project
A team of students from Del Valle High School created their company, Warp Tech, to develop an engaging and interactive app that inspires our everyday routines to be more self-sustaining and energy efficient for the Dumpster Project. The app needed to promote sustainable practices and educate the user on the impact of green solutions. The students created three departments in their company: coding, marketing, and accounting. These departments worked together to develop an app they named GreenUp. The app is based off energy used in a 6×6 foot dumpster that has been transformed to be a living space. GreenUp uses two main games to inform and engage users. The first game is Design A Dumpster. The user chooses different design and energy options for their custom dumpster, and the app rates their choices as good, bad, or ok based on their energy efficiency or green qualities. The second game resembles a brick breaker game to target a younger audience and encourage recycling. The purpose of the game is to break down trash cans and turn it into recycling. The student designed and coded their app from scratch. They plan to use geo-targeting to advertise to specific audiences, and sell the app for $1.

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