Velocity Projects

2015 DESIGNStudio Velocity Capstone – Manor High School

dumpster_projectDumpster Project, a nonprofit based out of Huston-Tillotson University that focuses on micro living, tasked a team of students from Manor High School (Manor ISD) to modify a dumpster to be more accommodating to human habitation. Their focus was on energy and water solutions. The students came up with multiple self-sustaining systems. The first was a rainwater system, which was built using gutters around the roof of the dumpster. The gutters would catch the rainwater and push it through using downspouts. The second was a wastewater system using pvc piping infused with chicken wire and TDS to clean waste and could be used as compost and turned into fertilizer. The third system that the student created was a grey water system that uses water for cleaning, and also purifies the water for drinking. The system uses an electronic filter to filter the rainwater. Lastly, the student used solar energy by lining the roof with solar panels. 50 % of the total wattage used in the house comes from the solar panel. After one year, 40% of the total cost would be returned to the homeowner after selling leftover energy to Austin Energy. A battery located underneath the dumpster would connect to the solar panels and store extra solar energy to be used at night or on cloudy days. The dumpster home model included efficient interior design with a tv, a hammock, an outdoor shower, and an outhouse.


Business Plan

Official Presentation