Supports a student to acquire their State License.


Supports a student with work clothes or boots.


Supports a student in acquiring a starter set of tools essential for a job.


Supports a student with a certification exam.


Supports one student with all the necessary training materials to graduate.

Our Story

Our Story

This year marks Skillpoint Alliance’s 30th anniversary! Since the organization’s establishment in 1994, Skillpoint Alliance has become a premier nonprofit workforce development organization that provides FREE, fast-paced job training in the skilled trades and manufacturing industries to low-income and underserved people living in Central Texas and the Permian Basin.

Our mission is to empower students to take charge of their financial situation and escape poverty by beginning a career in a lucrative industry that provides great pay, benefits and upward mobility.

We offer an innovative hands-on course curriculum that is carefully curated with the assistance of local industry leaders to ensure that all technical aspects of our training programs are on par with industry standards.

Our courses also incorporate soft skills into our lessons. Students learn how to write a resume, how to interview and the importance of financial literacy. Our goal is to create a well-rounded student who is ready to enter the workforce in as little as four weeks.

Each student has a unique success story as they overcome obstacles like lack of transportation, unstable housing and childcare, food insecurity or a limited household income.

Despite these challenges, we have a graduation rate of over 90%, with over 70% of our students finding employment within the first six weeks after graduation.

With your financial support, we hope to expand our reach and inspire more individuals to enroll in one of our life-changing programs!


Skillpoint Alliance

Central Texas
8868 Research Blvd, Suite 505
Austin, TX 78758

Permian Basin
3200 W. Cuthbert Ave. Room 138
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