Did you know?

> There are 43,100 open Electrician jobs in Central Texas through 2021.

> Continuing education apprenticeship programs are available through union and open-shop opportunities, and last 4-5 years. 


Pre-Appentice Electrical

This training course prepares participants for work as entry-level Electrical Apprentices. Students will begin by learning about electrical safety, hand tools, and power tools (specific to the industry). The course then covers the difference between residential and commercial employment job functions. Students learn how to wire device boxes, bend conduit, and assemble raceways. Visits from local employers, union representatives, and open shop representatives are included for exposure to different career opoortunities within the industry. Participants obtain the OSHA 10 certification during their program, and assistance is provided to obtain the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration (TDLR) Electrical Apprentice License. 

Past graduates have begun their careers at companies such as White Lodging, Beckett Electric, Allied Electrical, Titus Electric, Brandt Electric, and more.