Summer is hiring season for many tech firms, but not all IT grads are ready for the workforce.

According to a survey of Chief Information Officers from Robert Half Technologies, one in four respondents said entry-level employees weren’t ready to contribute to the workplace. Over half (55 percent) said a lack of communication and leadership skills was to blame.

We’ve heard this many times before. New employees can learn and perfect technical skills on the job, but an understanding of workplace etiquette and communications needs to be in place on day one.We started including professional development curriculum into each training after area employers in the Adult Workforce Council complained that entry-level employees need soft skills training. Many employers list this as the #1 reason why they will hire a graduate of one of our programs over another training program. Our goal is to develop well-rounded employees that can make immediate contributions, so soft skills has been and will always be a huge focus for us.

Our Professional Development Services super duo Justine and Scott work with participants in nearly every program on their communication, office etiquette and team work skills– the hallmarks of a good employee. If you’d like to know more, you can check out their latest podcast “The Product of You” or email for more information.