Skillpoint Alliance is closely following the latest developments related to COVID-19. We as a community are being hyper-vigilant at this time and following the protocols of local and national entities. Tentative dates for our upcoming programs are listed below, where available. These dates are subject to change if it becomes clear that the health and safety of our students, instructors, and staff are at risk. Our top priority is the health and safety of our community and we will continue to monitor all local, state and national health regulations and recommendations to ensure that we communicate the latest news. For information on preventive measures, go to Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


  • We offer free, fast training in the Skilled Trades and Manufacturing.
  • We are a Texas Workforce Commission Eligible Training Provider.
  • We serve residents of the Greater Austin area, including Travis, Williamson, and Hays counties (and more)
  • Our programs are offered year-round — contact us or apply today!
  • Skillpoint Alliance has expanded to the Permian Basin of West Texas
  • Our next Permian Basin Electrical course will run from October 24th to November 18th.
Skilled Trades – Austin
  • Plumbing: Sep 19 – Oct 21
  • Electrical: Sep 19 – Oct 14
  • Electrical: Oct 31 – Dec 09
  • HVAC: Nov 07 – Dec 16
  • 2023 Classes
  • ELECTRICAL : Jan 9th-Feb 6th
  • HVAC : Jan 9th-Feb 10th
  • ELECTRICAL : Feb 13th-Mar 10th
  • PRE-APPRENTICE PLUMBING : Feb 27th-Mar 24th
  • ELECTRICAL : Mar 27th-Apr 21st
  • HVAC : Apr 10th-May 12th
  • ELECTRICAL : May 8th-Jun 5th
  • PRE-APPRENTICE PLUMBING : May 30th-Jun 30th
  • ELECTRICAL : Jun 20th-Jul 17th
  • HVAC : Jul 10th-Aug 11th
  • ELECTRICAL : Aug 7th-Aug 31st
  • PRE-APPRENTICE PLUMBING : Aug 28th-Sep 22nd
  • ELECTRICAL : Sep 18th-Oct 13th
  • HVAC : Oct 9th-Nov 10th
  • ELECTRICAL : Oct 23rd-Nov 20th
  • ELECTRICAL : Nov 27th-Dec 22nd
Manufacturing Technician – Austin
  • Aug 15 – Sep 23
  • Oct 03 – Nov 10
  • Nov 14 – Dec 21
  • 2023 Classes
  •  Jan 9th-Feb 17th
  • Feb 27th-Apr 7th
  • Apr 17th-May 26th
  • Jun 5th-Jul 18th
  •  Jul 31st-Sep 8th
  • Sep 18th-Oct 27th
  •  Nov 6th-Dec 20th

“The people at Skillpoint showed me that regardless of who you are or where you came from, they will help you up & I’m very thankful.”

– Tom Saunders

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