This post is part of an ongoing series, Meet Skillpoint, where you will hear from the people behind our work to build human capital in Central Texas. 


Meet Derrick Bonyuet, another recent member of Skillpoint’s Board of Directors. Derrick is currently a finance controller at Dell, Inc in their Commercial Business Organization (CBO), and serves as the Finance Committee chair for Skillpoint’s board. Before joining Dell, Derrick worked in public accounting with Price Waterhouse. In addition to his work as a finance controller, Derrick also teaches finance courses at Concordia University and works with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program in an effort to directly impact the community. His other passions include culture, children with special needs, running at Town Lake, traveling, and visiting Austin’s local festivities. We are excited to have Derrick’s extensive experience on our Board of Directors!

Recently, we asked Derrick what drives his commitment to closing the gap in Austin. Read more below:

What piqued your interest about Skillpoint?

I have a strong passion for supporting our community and when I was searching for the opportunity to join a board, I had the fortune to encounter Skillpoint.  As I read about this organization and their programs, I found that I completely identified with their mission.  Education is an area where we can all contribute so our residents can be better prepared for the growth our city is experiencing.

In 2015, Austin was ranked the #2 fastest growing city in the U.S. We’re also ranked the #1 economically segregated city in the nation. For you personally, what are the most important issues we – as a community – need to focus on to close the gap in our city?

I believe economic segregation is a very complex problem, but education, without a doubt, is the most important single aspect we can all work on to close the gap.  In this context, education doesn’t necessarily mean getting a college degree, but gaining skills to be a more productive member in our society.  It also means learning from other cultures and races, and striving toward diversity. Understanding the importance of a variety of opinions enables us to not only be more tolerant of others, but also appreciate each other more fully.

How do you hope to make a positive impact in our city through your work on Skillpoint’s board?

As a finance professional, I hope I can bring some financial wisdom but most importantly, as an outsider, I hope I can bring a different perspective so we can find new ways to support our growth and extend our impact to the community.