Hats off to President Obama for proclaiming November 1st through November 7th National Apprenticeship Week! Apprenticeship training provides hands on job training as well as relevant classroom instruction to teach skills to individuals in the fields of manufacturing, healthcare, information technology and other industries. These opportunities build up a workforce necessary in society, while also giving individuals the skills required to earn a living wage.

Right now, our country is experiencing a lack of skilled workers in major industries that require certifications, such as construction and healthcare. Apprenticeship training is key to closing the labor and skills gap. This model of education provides a foundation that gives future workers the tools and resources needed to succeed, assists in economic development, and fosters innovation and prosperity within our nation. We’re thrilled to acknowledge the first-ever National Apprenticeship Week!


At Skillpoint Alliance, apprenticeship training is a great next step to our workforce development programs. Our Gateway programs offer hands-on skills training and quality classroom instruction to participants looking to become certified to work in the construction, healthcare and high-tech industries. Our electrical certification program also provides pre-apprenticeship training in the electrical trade. Our program curriculum is informed by industry, ensuring that we’re providing relevant training that directly applies to skills employers need. Our hope is that by participating in the Gateway program, adults would be inspired to further pursue apprenticeships.

President Obama’s proclamation has been an encouraging reminder of why we invest daily in our most valuable resource: human capital. Apprenticeships give individuals the hands-on skills needed to begin and grow a career. We see it as a great step toward self-sufficiency for those living in poverty, and we’re thrilled apprenticeship training was in the national spotlight this week. Happy National Apprenticeship Week, everyone!