The Gateway Rapid Workforce Training Program at Skillpoint Alliance provides valuable training and education for Texans looking to gain the skills and knowledge to successfully attain entry-level employment. In just four to eight weeks, participants who enroll in the Gateway Program can become certified in the Construction, Machine Operator, HVAC, Electrical or Nursing fields. They also learn soft skills such as preparing a resume, acing a job interview and communicating professionally with colleagues.

The courses offered rotate every year and are chosen in response to fluctuations in the local job market. The Gateway Program courses are set-up to simulate the etiquette and expectations that are required of a regular job. Participants are required to work 40 hour weeks in classrooms that involve both a mix of lectures and a hands-on approach. After completing each course, they are prepared to successfully find employment.

Former Gateway Program participant, Johnny Edmondson, shared his experience participating in the Gateway Program, and his recent success in finding a job in the electrical field. At the start of his training, Edmondson found it difficult to decide what career path to take stating, “I really had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but attending the Gateway Program has turned my whole life around.” Through hard work, and dedication Johnny Edmondson was able to successfully complete the Electrical program.

With the knowledge and skills that he developed during his time at Skillpoint Alliance, Johnny Edmondson was able to successfully secure employment at an Titus Electrical Contracting, an accomplishment that is a testament to his commitment to success. “Because of Skillpoint, I have become a permanent employee of Team Titus Electrical Contracting. Thank to all the staff at Skillpoint Alliance for all your help!” says Edmondson. The Gateway Program has helped thousands of Central Texans just like Johnny Edmondson find their paths to success. As more Texans find secure employment, thousands more will follow.

If you would like a chance to find a career that best fits you, click here to check out our Gateway Program information page.