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Student Spotlight: Dragonots Roaring Toward the 2015 FLL Season

It’s that time of year: FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams across central Texas are gearing up for competition by putting final touches on their projects and brushing up their code. We had the opportunity to catch up with Allison Dragonots, who were interviewed by FIRST in Texas a year ago. There is a lot of preparationContinue Reading >

President Obama Proclaims National Apprenticeship Week

Hats off to President Obama for proclaiming November 1st through November 7th National Apprenticeship Week! Apprenticeship training provides hands on job training as well as relevant classroom instruction to teach skills to individuals in the fields of manufacturing, healthcare, information technology and other industries. These opportunities build up a workforce necessary in society, while alsoContinue Reading >

Game Jam: From Idea to Reality

If you’re unfamiliar with a Game Jam, think of it as a weekend filled with teams of industry amateurs and students who develop game ideas and bring them to life through rapid prototyping. Skillpoint’s hope for Game Jam is that aspiring game developers will share experiences and explore artistic expression through designing video games, resultingContinue Reading >

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