Diversity Equity and Inclusion Commitment

DE&I Commitment

Skillpoint Alliance embraces diversity by creating an inclusive learning experience where skills-based training and education empower individuals to transform their lives.  We promote equity by catering to all learning styles, navigating life barriers and connecting students to partner employers who believe and invest in our mission. Through the deployment of diversity initiatives that support all, Skillpoint aims to foster an environment where both students and staff can be their authentic selves and reach their full potential.

Core Values


Students, staff, and instructors collaboratively foster an open and inclusive atmosphere, prioritizing the collective benefit, and holding one another accountable through our words and actions.


Creating a gateway to a better life by equipping students with the technical and employability skills they will need for life-long career growth and lasting success.


Intentionally engaging with the community, we share knowledge, collaborate with local organizations, and deliver top-notch services, all aimed at enhancing the well-being of the community and ensuring that our impact is multi-generational.



Practicing empathy, we acknowledge that the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our staff, students, and community partners influence their outlooks, prompting us to embrace all viewpoints without judgment and to assume the best of intentions from one another.



We teach and empower our students to advocate for themselves while we continuously pursue fresh avenues to maintain the affordability and accessibility of our programs for all community members.



We recognize the life experiences and hurdles of our students, assuring them that their past does not determine their future; we extend unwavering support and essential accommodations to nurture their growth. Confidentiality and trust is maintained in all our interaction with students.


We cultivate respect and a sense of belonging for everyone by collaborating with staff as well as community and employer partners to establish an environment that supports students from classroom to career.


Power of Choice

Respecting our students’ autonomy is important to us. We encourage self-discovery and support our students in making their own career choices.