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The Skills Gap and Why It Matters

At Skillpoint Alliance, our efforts focus on closing the skills gap in Central Texas. Although most headlines revolve around quantity and quality of jobs, it's the skills gap that matters for our economic progress. What is the 'skills gap?' In the words of Executive Director Margo Dover, Central Texas has jobs and Central Texas has the unemployed. Our businesses want to hire our residents; moving citizens from our counties and cities here hurts their bottom lines. The problem is that many Continue Reading >

Survey highlights need for soft skills development in new grads

Summer is hiring season for many tech firms, but not all IT grads are ready for the workforce. According to a survey of Chief Information Officers from Robert Half Technologies, one in four respondents said entry-level employees weren't ready to contribute to the workplace. Over half (55 percent) said a lack of communication and leadership skills was to blame. We've heard this many times before. New employees can learn and perfect technical skills on the job, but an understanding of Continue Reading >

Adult Workforce Council Panel Discusses the Challenges of Transitioning Veterans

Last Tuesday, the Adult Workforce Council invited veteran advocacy groups, community partners and employers from across central Texas to participate in a panel about how our community can better address the employment barriers of military veterans. All veterans encounter barriers when transitioning to the civilian workforce. These include: Communicating your skills-- Job descriptions in the military don't always match up with what a company wants to see on a resume or even which fields or Continue Reading >