We are in the midst of National Welding Month, and if you’re someone who does not already have it circled on your calendar, get ready to learn why this is exciting for Central Texans. As the American Welding Society says, “Welding is literally the glue of the modern world.” What’s not to get excited about?

Last summer, MyStatesman.com highlighted a problem that we’re still experiencing in Austin: a shortage of skilled workers in welding to fill jobs as the industry grows and many employees retire. Manufacturing and welding feature on the Texas Workforce Solutions Targeted Occupations and Industries list, with an estimated growth of 20% over the next 5 years. These jobs not only offer good salaries, they offer upward mobility and several local training options.

Many programs, like the one at ACC, are great resources but take up to 1 year and a half to complete, and often have long waitlists. To make welding more accessible, Skillpoint Alliance is offering our inaugural Gateway course in Welding this fall to do our part for Central Texans. In just 12 weeks of full-time training, we will prepare our first class of Austin residents to go out and fill these jobs.

Why work in welding? Besides the great starting pay, it has a high job satisfaction rate. Being able to work in many types of industries in Texas – oil and gas, shipping, manufacturing, technology – means a lot of different roles are available depending on interests. Austinite Veronica Lemus, quoted in the MyStatesman article, says “I have always loved working with my hands and making things. We, as welders, are creative. For us, we make the metal work for us and do what we need it to.”

So are you ready to celebrate with us? Consider these ideas:

  • Work with any welders? Let them know you appreciate them!
  • Work with students? Let them know about the opportunities welding can offer
  • Work in industry? Create partnerships and/or mentorships between your employees and a welding school
  • Give to Skillpoint to support our 12-week Welding program this fall
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  • Interested in pursuing a career in welding? Check out what welders have to say about the industry.
  • If you’re interested in applying for our fall Welding program, call us at 512-814-3261 for more information.