Cat NewlandsWe’re thrilled to share that one of Skillpoint’s own, Deputy Director Cat Newlands, has been selected as part of the 2016 Essential Class of Leadership Austin! For years, Cat has been intrigued by the mission of Leadership Austin, but focused on dedicating her time outside of work to her family. This year when the opportunity presented itself, it was perfect timing to get involved, and Cat is beyond excited for this journey as part of the Essential Class.

In Cat’s words, the mission of Leadership Austin is to be, “an organization whose sole purpose is to focus on civic engagement within the community, and present leadership opportunities for what is important to each member of the Essential Class.”

Leadership Austin hosts speakers who present on various important issues concerning the city of Austin, helps members build networks,  and empowers the class to become everyday leaders in their roles. Cat truly believes in the mission of Leadership Austin at its core. She has always been passionate about civic engagement, and is thrilled for the challenge to focus on community issues that she cares about and actively engage in activities concerning those issues specifically.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to be part of the Essential Class, and I’m so honored,” Cat shares. “I plan to soak up every ounce of this experience so I can grow my role and the future of Skillpoint.”

In addition, Cat’s goals are to support the civic-minded staff at Skillpoint, and better understand how she can engage them in causes outside of the organization. She hopes to empower staff members to find what causes they are passionate about and support their getting involved.

An ideal platform to develop leadership skills, Cat will have the opportunity to impact the community personally and professionally through the Leadership Austin program.

“I’ve already experienced a substantial amount of personal growth from the first day of the program, and I’m excited to develop meaningful relationships and have a support system within this network of people,” Cat says. “This group shares a passionate spark, and I’m looking forward to learning from them.”

Skillpoint is incredibly thankful to have someone as determined and zealous as Cat on our team. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for both her and Skillpoint as she embarks on this adventure as part of the 2016 Essential Class of Leadership Austin!