This is the second post in a 4-part series around a variety of community resources available. Check back for more information on education, life and online resources, or check out our full list of Community Resources.


One barrier to landing your ideal job may be a lack of training and/or education. At Skillpoint, we offer a variety of training programs to prepare adults and students for the workforce. In addition, there are many resources in the community to continue your education, and further your knowledge. Everyone’s needs are unique, but we have compiled a list below of some of our favorite education resources. These resources account for language barriers, GED education, time commitments, and scheduling around your current employment. 

austin public library

Austin Public Library

English as a Second Language (ESL) 

If you know someone who wants to expand their education but lacks the vocabulary or communicative skills necessary, check out the Austin Public Library’s free ESL programs. These classes are offered through the New Immigrants Program. The courses are offered at various locations across the city. The library also offers Language Practice sessions where you can practice speaking English and Spanish in a friendly conversation setting. This is an informal, safe and supportive environment. 


Ascend Center for Learning 

The Ascend Center for Learning is a valuable local resource, especially if you are looking to brush up on classes to obtain a GED; the Adult Basic Education course offers training in math and reading skills necessary to obtain a GED. Following this course students can continue in the GED to Work or Job Readiness programs. Job Readiness Program has three stages: computer proficiency, soft skills, and basic math needed for day to day job functions. If you are interested in these programs you can learn more about them here:

PelotonU is a resource for Austinites to pursue a debt-free college education. PelotonU matches students with an online degree program while offering peer collaboration, mentors, tutoring, office hours and accountability. Although the classes are online through various universities, this program offers peer collaboration and in-person mentoring. This program is for individuals with drive and determination who want to succeed. It is an affordable program and allows students to graduate with little to no student debt, easing the burden of furthering your career and success. For more information visit their site here:


Skillpoint Alliance Empower Graduates

Online Courses (link to online resources blog post)
If you are a self motivator and prefer laid back, solitary learning to the classroom environment, online classes may be just what you need. The Austin Public Library has computers you can use for classes, allowing a space away from home to focus and avoid distractions. The Skillpoint Alliance Empower computer proficiency program teaches basic skills necessary to operate a computer.

There are numerous free online learning platforms. Many websites offer classes which are sponsored or directly taught by universities. Some offer certificates upon completion of the class. Career related certificates and courses can be an impressive addition to your resume. Check out our online learning blog post for an extensive list of available free sites.