This post was written by guest blogger, Vera M. Reed. Vera is a former educator and current blogger in Southern California who enjoys writing on a range of topics in the realm of education. 

Job hunting used to be a dreaded, physically demanding as well as time consuming task. However, the situation changed drastically with the arrival of internet. Now the employers just had to post their requirements on various job sites and the seekers just had to upload their resume in the same.  But now the question is, how do you stand out in this virtual crowd? Everyone has an online profile and every single vacancy attracts thousands of applications. So, you need to walk the proverbial extra mile and build an online presence that immediately attracts attention.

Create a complete professional persona:

A functional resume is not enough. You need to build a complete online presence. It may include your multiple profiles across various job and networking sites, and a strong portfolio showcasing your work. A well-written blog can also go a long way in showcasing your thought process, achievements, and skills. Also, spend some time and learn how to make your resume look unique.

Reign in your private persona:

While we all value are private lives, it may not work well with your potential employers. Nowadays many employers tend to check the background of applicants by checking their personal profiles on the social networks such as Facebook. So, if you think you have shared something that might create a negative impression, make sure that you restrict access to such posts or to be on the safer side, remove them completely.

Consider a Video Resume:

While a written resume offers some details about the person, it does not exactly tell us who the person is. That’s why employers insist on personal interviews after initial screening. You may have all the skills but if your personality does not match the workplace, it will be hard for both sides. So, you should also consider creating a short introductory video and publish it online on platforms such as YouTube or Vine, just to offer a clearer idea about your personality.

Background Check:

It’s not only the employers who do background checks. It works both ways. Especially if you are applying for a new startup, do some research and find out the nature of buzz around them. There are many small companies that have attractive websites, but their employee policies or working conditions may not be that attractive. So, find out what you are applying for.


Finally, once you are sure that a certain job opening is ideal for you, start preparing. Go through your resume and everything else that you have put online and be prepared to answer any queries. Also, try to learn as much as possible about the organization you are applying for. This would show that you are really interested in working there.

If you still have questions on how to go about it, check out this info graphic for tips on a successful job hunt!