Job searching can be an emotionally draining and time consuming experience. Getting rejection emails, phone calls or even no reply at all can wear down even the most optimistic job seeker. If you are just beginning the job hunt or have been searching for a long time, keeping in a productive frame of mind can be a challenge. The following is a list of tips and tricks that can be a helpful change of pace for the job search.

Set specific work timeCopy of Empower12

Online applications can take hours to complete.  
One trick for avoiding mental blocks and barriers is to set aside a time frame each day that will be used for job hunting. Productivity comes at different times for each person. Some people work best in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee. Others are night owls whose brains function at full capacity during the evening hours. One tip to maximize the benefits of your time spent on an online applications is to utilize key words from the job description in your resume and application. This will help advance your application past an automatic filtering program. Use your time and energy constructively for maximum profitability.

Remove distractions
While it may be tempting to apply to online jobs while watching your favorite show on TV or chatting with family and friends, the distractions pull your focus away from the task at hand. Try to keep distractions away from your immediate vicinity in order to mentally reserve your energy and efforts. Removing yourself from your daily stresses and responsibilities can be very effective in giving an application the attention and detail it deserves. There are a couple local spots with access to public computers. Austin Free-Net at the DeWitty Center Public Computer Lab, for example, offers free lab use for up to 4 hours at a time with free parking and nearby public transit. Similarly, the Austin Public Library has free access to internet and computers for a 2 hour time limit. If you only have a few hours per day to dedicate to the job search, you can reserve a computer for a specific time frame at either location. Each person has their own unique method for what works best; find what works best for you and stick with it.

CongratulationsUtilize your network
Think of the job you want to have. Do you know anyone with that career? Asking for an informational interview or coffee break with a professional can be a great way to get tips specific to the end goal you have in mind. Meet as many people as you can in your preferred industry. If you leave a favorable impression they may recommend you to companies who are hiring, and they may have advice for how secure a career. Making face to face connections is a great way to get your name out. Companies receive many qualified candidates’ resumes applying for jobs. If you meet a professional in the industry they are more likely to remember you rather than just your paper resume.

Take breaks
Keep in mind that the job search is a long and arduous process; intricate applications can take hours to complete. Setting temporal or task-based break times will give your mind the ability to recharge and refocus. Every hour stand and stretch. Take a lap around the house. Give yourself a five minute dance party. Whatever it takes to mentally wake up and get your blood pumping. Taking a break is a mental reset that can give you fresh eyes and new wave of energy.

It is important to view the job search as an opportunity. Remember the saying practice makes perfect? Each application, each cover letter and each interview is an opportunity to learn and gain experience. There is no set recipe for success, so finding what works best for you will make a difference. Job hunting is mentally taxing, but these tips and tricks can help ease the burden.