Last month, Lifeworks partnered with Skillpoint Alliance’s Professional Development department to provide 60 hours of Workforce Readiness training courses for youth between the ages of 18-21. Classes were provided to train participants entry level job skills including professionalism in the workplace, communication skills, and problem solving techniques to help them succeed in real life situations. Instructors also provided constructive feedback to achieve success in the workplace.

All participant’s had a positive experience in the class, with two finding employment within a week of completion. “We were thrilled about the partnership with Skillpoint, and we are excited to focus on resumes and personal branding for future participants,” said Scott O’Brien, Program Director of Workforce Development at Lifeworks. “The role playing activities were awesome and brought a lot of what they learned to life.”

This is the second time that Lifeworks has partnered with Skillpoint to provide professional development to their clients. “The main goal we learned was to teach the students how to stick with something when you fail, show them how to handle a stressful situation, and give them the confidence they need to be proud of the work they do,” said Scott Drochelman, Program Coordinator at Skillpoint Alliance.

“This class really helped me find a job because they go over every single thing you need to know to get/keep a job.  You also get to do a lot of hands-on so it’s not just listening, but you get to experience it as well.”  –Quay

“I really feel like they helped me get over my shyness and I feel more confident in myself.”  –Briana

“This class helped me build my job skills and learned how to tie those skills into the job I’m applying for.”  –Heather

Skillpoint Alliance’s Professional Development services provide trainings to adults and youth to develop soft-skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. Soft-skills training helps clients develop new habits that will have a positive impact on how they manage their personal and professional lives. Learn more about Skillpoint Professional Development NEXT Intermediate Job training.