To Amplify or not to Amplify? That is the question. We at Skillpoint Alliance strive every day to amplify our Austin community. Since 1994 more than 135,000 Texans have been impacted by Skillpoint Alliance. 135,000 is not just a number. That number represents moms and dads, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, nieces and nephews, sons and daughters and friends and neighbors. By providing efficient and effective programs, our students excel beyond their limitations and start new career paths in healthcare, manufacturing and construction industries through our Gateway program. While our adult students accomplish their occupational goals, our STEM Innovation Camps are the vine of their children’s future success. Whether the children are using solar panels for solar races or creating buoyant sub-marines, the children become equipped with the confidence and skills needed to be a shining star that’s deep in the heart of Texas. In addition, we get techy in our Empower program by preparing adults with computer skills they need to be an asset for their companies, and helping them overcome technological barriers in today’s society. Finally, in the Velocity program our next generation of leaders and innovators experience an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with top local companies in the Austin area to solve real life issues. At Skillpoint, we’re passionate about amplifying the opportunities for Central Texans.

So, how can you get involved and Amplify Skillpoint? Check out Skillpoint’s Amplify Austin profile to discover what Amplify means to Skillpoint Alliance, and schedule your gift today.