“Prior to coming to the [Gateway] program, my life was full of unexpected twists and turns. I was on probation when the HVAC certification program began at Skillpoint, but the staff and instructor believed in me and allowed me to attend class without missing any probation meeting or my job.

One day, Capstone Mechanical’s HR rep came to speak to our class about what it looked like to work for their company, and explain the process for applying. I knew Capstone was a great company to work for and after asking lots  of questions I applied for a job prior to graduating from Skillpoint. After applying, I followed-up with Capstone in person and they offered my an interview! In my interview I was asked to draw the refrigeration cycles and I was able to do it because of what I learned in my HVAC  class. I was offered a position and currently work as a helper for Capstone. I’m also working my way to a apprenticeship position, saving up for tools I need to move into that next position and pay grade since I already have the HVAC entry level certification, thanks to Skillpoint.

Right now on job sites I am able to observe and see all the difference aspects of construction when we are working on a project; i.e. plumbing, electrical, HVAC. I’d like to pursue further education for either plumbing or welding to not only further my career but to contribute to a job site by having a diverse skill set.”

Brentlee Allen is a 2017 graduate of the Waco Gateway HVAC program. For more information about our certification program, please visit: http://www.skillpointalliance.org/gateway